Friday, July 10, 2009

MOOP-BUCKET: Definition

Moop-Bucket: pictured here,  filled with wood debris found at the work area of a large-scale art project on the open playa. 

Moop-Bucket (noun)
Any sturdy and easy to carry container used for carrying moop.  Typically, water jugs with handles are re-used with cut-out openings at the top for ease of use.
  1. Sentence: "Everyone, empty out your moop-buckets into this trash can and we'll take a picture of what we found."
Moop-Buckets are often preferred instead of trash bags due to their durability against the high desert wind, as well as protecting against sharp moop objects like broken glass and tent-stakes. 

Trash bags full of moop have been known to break open and blow away while emptying back out and scattering the previously picked-up moop onto the playa again.